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Posted: Thu May 24, 2018 6:19 am
Post subject: Ads

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 27, 2009 3:31 am
Post subject: Rules
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Ok, for me to display rules for every different section would take to long. Here are our current rules --

First of all, NO cursing on the forums, and please post in the correct sections, if not i will delete what you've posted. And if your reading this, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SIGNED UP TO THE WEBSITE. All events not listed on website, drops are decided by me, and i make the decision based on attendance, attitude, jobs. Must wear pearl AT LEAST 85% of your time online, and have sky/sea access, 2 useful jobs 80+, not be too lazy to reach caps even on the jobs you don't like as much and be able to commit.

All events are Mandatory Except Limbus. Other events arent mandatory only when 18+ and your not asked to come. As for donations go, i can't force you to donate your pops you come into the LS in, but it would definiately help, and be recognized, and possibly even DKP. If you skip an event (which i will know), i will either give you a warning, or break your shell, it's simple. We'r a merc LS, which means you also have to realize we sell items, we only sell over a LS member if it's an easy-to-obtain item, Don't worry, just wait your turn.

Einherjar --

This goes by a wishlist and attendance points, You set 2 items #1 and #2 in order of importance. Once you've obtained your #1 on your list, you lose 1/2 your points, but no worries, you can still get gear. Your #2 if you obtain, you lose 1/4 your points. As for recruiting, we need experienced players or people with multiple ( more than 1 ) job are welcome! A person with 1 job can join, but better have very nice gear and skill. If your in LS and in nashmau or hazhalm before 5;30, you get a quarter of a point extra, for just being at the run you get 1 run, if your at einherjar after 6 PM EST, you get half a point for the whole run. To clarify how the wishlist priority works, If your first for your #1 ( have the most points out of other people ) you will obtain it first, however if someone has it as there #2, they must be more than 2x the amount of points you have, in order to receive the item. #1 gives priority, but not 100% automatic. If you have 100 points on an item thats your #2, and the person with it as #1 has 48 points, the #2 guy will obtain it. Clarifying this as questions were asked to how it works. Also, Odins are 100% mandatory, even if im not sure we'r doing it on said date, come anyway, regardless of access or not, enjoy!

ZNM --

Ok, this is straight forward, works with points, You get an extra point for being in LS and in whitegate ready before 7:30 PM EST. You get 2 points for just a full run. And if ZNM runs later than 10 PM EST, each hour after you get an extra point, but this hasn't happened in a while. The drops for T1-T3 are your pop your drop, What the popper doesn't want goes to LS, which is then freelot or lotted for points. Most points who wants it for points wins obviously. T4 you pick 2 items before pop, if either drop you lot it, if neither drop you get to pick 1 gear that did drop and lot it as sympathy for you. Synth mats are sold and added to LS bank to be split or used for other events, usually split. As for selling drops goes, if the item is below 500k, it will be split or in the 3M bank. 500k+ items will be split on the spot usually, unless 3m bank is low. Other members can sell items also ( Finding buyers ), But must go my ffxiah.com prices, or above. Must of attended the runs to get splits.

Sky -- This event will only be done in the case Someone has pop items and needs an item, we want our members to have anything beneficial to them and will help them receive the gear they want.

Other -- For other rules, please visit those sections of the forums.
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